Our research specifies the associations between e-book features, children’s characteristics and diverse reading contexts. The research members of our Collective have identified four interdisciplinary themes that cut across narratives in digital or non-digital formats and that require research in terms of both positive and negative effects:

  • children’s attention and engagement
  • materiality and embodiment
  • personalization and customization
  • interactivity and multimedia
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Featured publications

Sari, B., Takacs, Z. K., & Bus, A. G. (2017). What are we downloading for our children? Best-selling children’s apps in four European countries. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 1468798417744057.

Open pdf file of publication here 

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Smeets, D. J., & Bus, A. G. (2013). Picture storybooks go digital: Pros and cons. Reading instruction in the age of common core standards, 176-189.

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Takacs, Z. K., Swart, E. K., & Bus, A. G. (2014). Can the computer replace the adult for storybook reading? A meta-analysis on the effects of multimedia stories as compared to sharing print stories with an adult. Frontiers in Psychology, 5.

Full article here

Takacs, Z. K., Swart, E. K., & Bus, A. G. (2015). Benefits and pitfalls of multimedia and interactive features in technology-enhanced storybooks: A meta-analysis. Review of educational research, 85(4), 698-739.

Full article here

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Read full article here

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Kucirkova, N. (2017). Digital personalization in early childhood: Impact on childhood: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Read full article here

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